Get the Life you want with the Happiness you DESERVE!

Seeking men and women (35-65) for an upcoming health transformation documentary series.

If you have a health condition that is restricting your happiness and you want to see if lifestyle changes would positively impact your vitality, this is the opportunity for you.

***This is a live event. Participants must be willing to film LIVE in TORONTO, Ontario over the course of 100 days.***

If you live too far away to participate, my 100-day Transformation Program (online) kicks off in September 2018. CLICK HERE to learn more and add your name to my notification list!

What if you had 3 months of expert guidance to transform your health?

What would you do differently in order to be free of pain? Would you be willing to trade the ache of idleness for the burn of a workout? Would you be able to trade comfort food indulgence for wholesome food that satisfies you deeply?

Nutritionist Julie Daniluk, TV host of Healthy Gourmet and international best-selling author of Meals that Heal Inflammation is teaming up with James Banks, award-winning body sculptor and rehab personal trainer, to put 12 people to the test. Is it possible to free them of their health challenges in 3 months?

To audition, you will need to complete these 3 STEPS.

1. Submit a full body photo. 2. Create and upload a short video (mobile phone videos are fine). 3. Complete an online health assessment.

Are you ready to audition?

Do you have your photo, your video and about 30 minutes to fill out an online form?

Each candidate has the opportunity to receive

3 MONTHS of...

  • rehabilitation and weight training to resolve mechanical pain
  • anti-inflammatory cooking guidance and food coaching to resolve chemical pain
  • weekly group coaching to resolve emotional pain
  • daily support emails
  • fitness tracking which confirms 30 minutes of daily exercise
  • food journalling guidance
  • rehab personal training (twice weekly)
  • weekly nutritional coaching calls to support healthy choices
  • group coaching to resolve emotional eating stressors
  • plus... 2 holistic medical checkups to monitor inflammatory markers

Each selected participant will be given the opportunity to join a motivational competition to encourage accountability...

  1. Must be willing to undergo regular blood work to measure inflammation and hormone markers.
  2. Must be willing to journal food intake and use a fitness tracker.
  3. Must be willing to submit regular video testimonials to share their transformational journey.

Are you ready to audition?

Do you have your photo, your video and 30 minutes to fill out an online form?

Last day for Audition Submission: July 23, 2018