100-day, video-based, email-supported, lifestyle shift that nourishes, empowers & heals in 4 steps.

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What do I mean by Transformation?

Breathing life into a powerful, healing lifestyle – a Live-It! – with a team to support you :
  • 2 Nutritionists, 2 Naturopaths, 1 Yogi, 2 Movement Experts, 1 Coach, 1 Star Techie & countless cheerleaders
  • 100 days of informative, engaging & empowering daily emails to motivate you
  • 24/7 access to powerful, easy-to-understand materials on the program WebHub (for 1 full year)
  • AND MORE...

Since 2014, my Meals That Heal Transformation Program has delivered life-changing results.

Whatever your health goal, Transformation 2018 guides you through a wealth of health information and trains you to become your own “body detective”.

Why did I develop this 100-day Transformation Program?

I want everyone understand the impact that food can make. Food can be the fuel that regenerates your body, or the poison that contributes to disease.

Ask yourself...

  • Are you low on energy?

  • Do you have chronic pain?

  • Do you have skin issues, digestive upsets or headaches?

  • Do you have extra weight that just isn't coming off – no matter how much you exercise or diet?

All of these symptoms can be directly related to the food you are eating.

How do you know which foods are affecting you?

The backbone of my bestselling book, Meals That Heal Inflammation, is the Elimination Protocol.

Through a series of in-depth videos, entertaining documents and robust coaching calls, I guide you through a step-by-step process to learn the foods which may be causing you harm.
Once you remove the most common inflammatory foods from your life, amazing results can occur.
As your gut begins to heal, many common health issues can be resolved.
Make 2018 YOUR year! Get on the list!

Why is my Meals That Heal Transformation Program 100 days?

Scientific studies show that it takes at least 3 months of consistent effort and encouragement to break a habit and make a permanent change in your life.
Giving yourself 100 days to transform the way you think about food, the way you heal your body and the way you choose to activate your life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.
That's what this program is all about – my team and I are here to help you!

"Julie I am so filled with gratitude to you and the Transformation Team.  I certainly cannot express enough in words what this 100-Day Transformation has given to me."

It's time to push 'RESET' on your health, habits and relationship with food. When you put the effort in, this program WILL change your life! I like to say that it's, “100 days to prepare you for the rest of your life”.

Looking for a quick fix?

This is NOT the program for you.

Most health conditions have taken years to develop and need time and attention to heal – not short, fad programs and diets that leave you frustrated and confused.
My personal goal is to be healthy and fit well past the age of 100.

Where do you want to be at the age of 80, 90 or 100?

Healthy? Independent? Physically active? Clear of mind?

This IS the program  for you!

"Julie, I’m inspired by your determination to learn all you can about how nutrition and our bodies work and to share everything you learn."



  1. Preparation - This program takes you step-by-step through what you need to prepare for your journey to healing. From cleaning out your kitchen to setting your goals, my day-by-day plan will help set you up powerfully so you can achieve the life you truly want to live.
  2. Learning to pay attention to your body - What are you eating? How does it make you feel? I teach you methods to tune-in to what your body is telling you.
  3. Learning to eat the foods that are right for you - My motto is, “there are 7 billion diets for 7 billion people”. There is no such thing as the 'Daniluk Diet'. One-size-fits-all, seldom sustainable, cookie-cutter approaches only work for some people, some of the time. Transformers quickly learn that I do not believe in DIE-its. I believe in crafting a “Live-It” that is right for you!
  4. Learning about pitfalls and why they happen - Despite popular opinion, ‘falling off the wagon’ isn’t simply about a lack of willpower. It's important to make up your mind that, “nothing will stand in the way of achieving my goals!” My team and I are here to help you see roadblocks for what they are and learn how to break right through them.
  5. Learning from a team of experts - This Transformation Program has a knowledgeable support team to help you with your transformation – including Naturopathic Doctors, health coaches, movement and meditation experts and more! Together, we are here to support you through the process of learning during every day of the program.
  6. Building a community - It takes a village to support a ‘Transformer’, which is why we create a private online community of like-minded Transformers. The friendships you create can last a lifetime, and are a continuous spring of love and support. Our alumni say it best...
  7. Truly Transforming! - When you apply the principles I teach you in the Meals That Heal Transformation Program, you transform the way you look at food & you become empowered to make healthy choices in every area of your life.
Give yourself the gift of Health - AND Healing

"Thank you for all the wonderful advice, love and caring you have shown to me and the entire group! It has been truly appreciated!"


"I have learned that eating Saccharum Officinarum makes me crabby. Good-bye cane sugar!"


"My whole day-to-day routine has totally changed. This lifestyle makes me so happy and I determined to carry it on for the rest of my life. It is the missing link to the chain. I now realize this is not a race; this is a journey that has no time limit and I cannot compare myself to the successes to other people. This process is limitless and “success” was achieved the moment I started this course. Allowing myself “me” time, has given me the chance to re-focus and become the best I can possibly be, on MY own terms."


"I have been extremely blessed by this program. It has truly changed how I look at eating—and really is a “live it”. There is still much for me to learn, but I have confidence that I can do this."


"A million thank you's to each member of the team. So much knowledge, preparation, research, planning, re-evaluation, caring and love make this a truly inspiring and life changing program. I am eternally grateful."


"To my fellow Transformers, It has been an absolute pleasure for me to come to know you and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Through this new group we have created, we will continue to support each other in times of joy or sadness. For we are Transformers and we will take what we need to make our "Live It" that much stronger."


"After years of struggling with my sugar addiction I can now proudly say that I am off refined sugars - yay, and feel much better for it. This herculean feat alone is definitely worth the price of admission, and I still reaped so much more from the program."

Yes... I want to Transform!

Give Yourself 100 Days…YOU DESERVE IT!

I asked a few Transformers why they enrolled in my Meals That Heal Transformation Program, and they said :
  • “I am doing this for me!"
  • "I take care of so many people and I have decided I really need to make a change in my life."
  • "I need to take care of myself and the time is now!”
Does that sound familiar?
After years of listening to clients tell me about their attempts at dieting and lifestyle changes, I created a program that truly helps you to transform the way you look at food and how it impacts your body.
My philosophy behind this program is “give a person a fish and they will eat for a day… teach a person to fish and they will feed themselves and their family for the rest of their life.”
This program teaches you why some ingredients  harm your body and why you can’t stop eating them!
Transforming isn’t following a strict, no-fun menu plan or whipping up a couple of recipes... it shows you how take control of your mind and body so you can transform your relationship to food.
Now's YOUR time... let's DO this!
“So excited today, I was able to wear my snow boots from 2 years ago. My feet have been so swollen from arthritis that it was not possible to get them on. This program has removed a lot of the inflammation and today the boots slipped on. It is the little things that make you happy when you have been in pain for years. Thank you so much Julie!”

Get the healing you deserve so can feel energized, satisfied and balanced!


Don't let anyone put their shame on you!

When it comes to food, reactions from family, friends and co-workers can be challenging. You are a social creature and one of the primary ways you bond with your tribe is by sharing food… especially treats that makes you feel a few moments of happiness!

How do you break the vicious cycle of unhealthy family meals? How do you say "No, thanks!" to the doughnuts at work? My team supports you through the process of creating new, boundlessly delicious treats and traditions that will leave everyone feeling included, satisfied and bouyantly happy.

While giving up certain foods and lifestyle habits can feel hard, it doesn’t have to be complicated. If it was as simple as adding a couple of vegetables, most everyone would have found the 'Fountain of Youth' by now. Some of the most profound changes are, in fact, very simple if you take the time and make the investment in yourself. The journey of creating your own personal Live-It is worth your investment. As these Transformation alumnae will tell you…

“To all my wonderful Transformer friends, I am bursting with love and gratitude for all the love and support you have shown. Literally, I tear up when I think of these last few months. I wish you all peace, happiness and most of all, that one thing that we have been working so hard on, health.”
“Having my physical health in check with my mental health has been one of the greatest gifts working with you could bring. Having you as my mentor and my guide on this journey has been far more than I imagined. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and healthy gut and healthier and happier mind. You have been a blessing to me AND my family.”
“Julie, I can't tell you how awesome I've been feeling; the confidence and energy that I have gained and compliments that I have received. Thank you so much for your program. It has changed my life. It really works and I recommend it to everyone.”



Transformation 2018 is coming!

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