Julie Daniluk's Nutrition Programs

Online programs to help you reduce pain, detoxify your body & cultivate longevity.

My Programs

Julie's Transformation Program

Finally, a program to banish pain, boost energy, conquer cravings and increase your quality of life! I’ve unlo...

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The 21-Day Detox

My 21-Day Detox is your opportunity to deeply release built-up toxins. Break free from pain, soreness, brain fog...

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My Fundamentals Program

I designed this program to teach you the basic principles - the fundamentals - of how food can harm you or heal you. ...

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The 3-Day Cool Cleanse

A 3-day cleanse that is quick and delicious. Soothe your digestive system and give it a true rest. Watch the video ab...

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The 3-Day Warm Cleanse

My 3-day Warm Cleanse is designed to make you feel lighter and filled with increased energy. Watch the vide...

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Let me help you heal as I have - and unleash your Juicy Vitality

Your Bountiful Food Basket

Learn to grocery shop like a health professional - quickly, easily, deliciously

Your Healing Recipe Box

Embrace your kitchen and create dishes and meals that you love - tasty, fresh, filling

Your Unleashed Juicy Vitality

Understand the science of inflammation in your body - embrace your Live-It

Banish the Bulge & Bloating

Kick your cravings to the curb while clearing toxins with every scrumptious bite

Increase Energy & Mobility

Deliver the most bang for your grocery buck, balance your system and feed your body

Expel Inflammation & Pain

Meals That Heal Inflammation and Slimming Meals That Heal brought to life