The Hot Detox LIVE 2017


Let's go through this complete course together with LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS!

With Spring just around the corner, I’ve decided to run my Hot Detox online program with group coaching! Hooray! What this means is that you can connect with me LIVE for coaching calls to give you support, answer your questions and bring your Hot Detox to the next level. From March 21 through April 15th, get exclusive live coaching with me as we take on the Hot Detox online program together!

Thousands of people have taken my online programs with great results. From losing a few pounds on my 3-Day cleanses to total transformation in my Meals That Heal 100-Day Programs. Why?

My programs are designed to heal your digestion and eliminate pain.

And they work.

Hot Detox Live is no different. You get instant access to the materials on the program WebHub. Starting on March 16th, daily emails automatically start to support and motivate and guide you through the preparation phase of the program, with the actual 21-day starting on March 21st.

What you get within the Hot Detox Online Program: 

  • Over 30 in-depth coaching videos on how to safely and effectivley cleanse your body with warming, healing foods
  • Balancing Gentle Yoga Flow with Yogi Shambu
  • Meal preparation & storage tips
  • Cooking methods & demonstration videos
  • Activities & techniques that you can use to deepen your cleanse
  • Satisfying, delicious, nutritionally-balanced recipes for powerful elixirs, tasty teas, superfood shakes that leave you happy & satisfied, PLUS crave-busting, fast & easy snacks
  • Suggested weekly menu plans
  • Daily menu planners & journals
  • Printable weekly shopping lists
  • Vegan menu plan for my plant-loving posse

 But here is the biggest reason you'll succeed.

The main reason you'll want to join Hot Detox Live is for the ACCOUNTABILITY. You'll join me for 6 LIVE group coaching calls that will answer your questions, set you on the right track and keep you going. Plus, you'll connect and share with other Hot Detoxers in our Hot Detox Community Facebook group.

What could be better than doing a cleanse together?


Detox Program & Coaching Schedule


PREP WEEK : March 16 - March 21
     LIVE COACHING : Saturday, March 18th @ 12pm ET
     LIVE COACHING : Sunday, March 19th @ 12pm ET
PHASE 1 : March 22 - March 30
     LIVE COACHING : Tuesday, March 21st @ 8pm ET
PHASE 2 : March 31 - April 2
     LIVE COACHING : Friday, March 31st @ 8pm ET
PHASE 3 : April 3 - April 11
     LIVE COACHING : Monday, April 3rd @ 8pm ET
Reintroduction : April 12 - April 15
     LIVE COACHING : Thursday, April 13th @ 8pm ET

 * All calls are recorded and can be listened to at anytime

What can you expect from Hot Detox Live?



It's easy to connect with your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You get immediate access when you log into my dedicated Program WebHub for your interactive library of daily lessons and guidance.


Lessons are broken down into bite-sized, easily-digestible pieces to help keep you organized and on top of your goals. Plus, I give you my complete Hot Detox recipe box containing all the recipes in the program.


I send you daily support emails with links to training videos and downloadable support documents to keep you on track. Did I mention you also get menu plans, shopping lists and food journals to help you plan, organize and gain confidence in and out of the kitchen?


You'll never be alone in your quest for vitality. Join the Hot Detox Community to support you, hold you accountable, gently push you, cheer you on, and rejoice as you triumphantly meet your goals. 


Hot Detoxers who have completed this program report improved digestions, better blood sugar balance, reductions in medication use, dramatic pain reduction, greater freedom of movement and - what I think most important - greater ability to enjoy life with friends and family. Hot Detox Live will fast-track you into your anti-inflammatory lifestyle, your Live-It, with freedom and ease. I've tried it all and distilled the best information into this program, saving you years of research and experiments. 


Whatever you want in your life is created through the gateway of health! Springtime is the perfect time to do a 21-day cleanse. So if you're ready to step up and embrace a bigger, brighter future for yourself, register today and we can begin.





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