Renew, Reset & Recharge | JUNE 23 | TORONTO, ON


Beach United Church - 140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto

Surround yourself with the unparalleled support of health experts Julie Daniluk, Sarah Walton, and Yogi Shambu in Toronto on June 23rd. Build the personal energy and enthusiasm that you always dreamed of that will bring you into balance and create a state of happiness.

With Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Coach Julie Daniluk
– AND –
Mindfulness Consultant & Yoga Expert Sarah Walton
– AND –
Yoga Expert Yogi Shambu

In this 1-day retreat you will reap the benefit of over 60 years of nutrition and yoga training. The yoga teaching from Sarah and Shambu balance the masculine and feminine energies to increase performance and joy. Learn powerful techniques for busting food cravings and breaking away from your emotional eating with Julie's personalized coaching.

Spend your Saturday with a committed group of people learning powerful tools for ultimate self-care!

What you will learn:

  • Julie's secrets for performance enhancement, boosting energy and mental clarity
  • Shambu's approach to mental and emotional maintenance
  • Sarah's stress-busting reflexology and massage techniques
  • Shambu's 'go-to' practices for pain relief and boundless vitality
  • Julie's favourite superfoods for powering up your healthy meals
  • Sarah's body energy mastery and mindfulness

Connect & Renew | JUNE 23 @8:30am

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$97.00 CAD


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