Reduce Pain, Detoxify your Body & Transform your Health with Powerful Nutrition Programs that work for you!

From a weekend cleanse to a personal health transformation experience, my food-based programs are designed to deliver real results for real people.

The Hot Detox by Julie Daniluk

Let's Hot Detox to create an awesome 2019! My Hot Detox Online Program is designed to cleanse your body, heal y...

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Julie's Transformation Program

The Meals That Heal Transformation program fast-tracks you into your personalized anti-inflammatory lifestyle with fr...

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Julie Daniluk's 3-Day Cool Cleanse

The quick and delicious 3-day that soothes your digestive system, giving it a true rest. Watch this video to see Gwen...

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Julie Daniluk's 3-Day Warm Cleanse

My 3-day Warm Cleanse is designed to make you feel lighter and filled with increased energy. Watch this vid...

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My Fundamentals Program

I designed this program to teach you the basic principles of how food can harm you or heal you. I know that it will c...

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