Hot Detox Online by Julie Daniluk


Bring Hot Detox alive with daily emails to support and motivate you and 24/7 access to easy-to-understand materials on the program WebHub.

Extensive Guides & How-to Videos

  • Over 30 in-depth coaching videos on how to safely and effectivley cleanse your body with warming, healing foods
  • Balancing Gentle Yoga Flow with Yogi Shambu
  • Preparation & storage tips
  • Cooking methods & demonstration videos
  • Activities & techniques that you can do to deepen your cleanse

Satisfying, delicious, nutritionally-balanced recipes

  • Powerful elixirs
  • Tasty teas
  • Crave-busting, fast & easy snacks
  • Superfood shakes that leave you happy & satisfied

Easy and fun weekly menu plans + shopping lists

  • Suggested weekly menu plans
  • Daily menu planners & journals
  • Printable weekly shopping lists
  • Vegan menu plan for my plant-loving posse

Bring your Hot Detox to the next level. Join today and let the healing begin! 



Hot Detox Online Program

Bring the book to life with support for 5 days of prep, 21 days of detox, 4 days of reintroduction and a lifestyle of healing.

$397.00 CAD


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